Hook of Holland Ferry Port

About Hoek van Holland, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Hoek van Holland, South Holland, Netherlands)

The Hook of Holland is a small town of about 100,000 people. It is an international cargo and passenger seaport and seaside resort town.

The docks are segregated from the beaches, being 'around the corner' on the coastline.

What to Do in the Hook of Holland

There are several leisure options available to tourists and travellers visiting the Hook of Holland. Most are outdoor activities such as rollerblading, nature walks and cycling. Also, there are three riding stables, a campground and ocean canoeing. Those travelling with children may appreciate the petting zoo or scooter safari.

The surrounding area provides many more activities, especially the areas towards Rotterdam or The Hague. Both have a thriving nightlife, abundant shopping opportunities and a fair number of festivals and events. Check Rotterdam's tourist website at: www.rotterdam.info/uk/ and The Hague's at: www.holland.com/denhaag/gb/index.html for events scheduled during your visit.

Tourist Attractions

In the Hook of Holland, there is a walking tour of historical buildings. It starts at an information panel on the Blinkplein and signposts guide the tour. Along this tour, there is a 19th century light house, a 16th century mill and an 18th century farm. One of the museums in the village is the Coastal Defense Museum at Fort aan den Hoek Van Holland. It was built in 1889 to defend the newly excavated Nieuwe Waterweg against seaborne attack.

The Netherlands dominates worldwide trade in cut flowers and plants. There are a number of gardens and botanical museums near the Hook of Holland. Veiling Flora Holland, or Holland Flower Auction, is located in Naaldwijk and open to visitors year-round. The Westland Museum of Regional and Horticulture History has a reconstructed garden and market in the style of 1900s Westland.

Farther out, The Hague possesses some dramatic contrasts in architecture, from the Renaissance through today. The oldest building in The Hague is a church in the district of Loosduinen. Built in 1572, it is the only building that survived a Protestant attack on the abbey compound. The Huis ten Bosch, a royal residence from the 17th century and palace of the current monarch Queen Beatrix, sits just north of the city. It is a spectacular structure, but is understandably not open to visitors.

Hook of Holland Port

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